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Name: Megan

Age: 24

Contact: [ profile] mercurialfelines

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Other Characters: None!


Name: Magnus Chase

Age: 18 (16 in canon + two years established)

Memory Option: 1 with potential to memory regain!

Established Status: 2 years!

Canon: Riordan Mythos (Percy Jackson & Friends), specifically Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard

Canon Point: Post-Hammer of Thor.

Citizenship: Leithan previously, now a RAC member.

Job: RAC-retained medic.

* Level: N/A

2 MAJORS: Alf Seidr or Elf Magic is the source of Magnus' two main abilities: healing and disarming.

Healing is the one we see Magnus do the most. He has to physically touch the person, and he glows when he does so and for a time after. He's a human flashlight. His own wounds heal fast, as well. He's not all-powerful healer dude, though, as mortal wounds (or magically mortal wounds) are beyond him. It's also strongly hinted that he has the ability to heal mental wounding as well, by looking people in the eye-- such as an ever-depressed goat who forgets to hate life when he looks at Magnus' pretty eyes, or when he stops a friend from having a complete mental breakdown at the reveal of the mythological world. In game Magnus' healing/glowing powers are now the effects of implanted nanotech with similar effects but a stronger drain on his own energy, as well as mostly regulated to surface wounds.

Disarment or the Peace of Frey is sort of his last resort special skill, and disarms all surrounding foes of their weapons, because Frey is a peaceful god, damn it. In game, his disarming is now just a neat device that blocks out electrical weapons such as laser weapons, programmable matter.

MINOR: Photokinesis and Thermokinesis, limitedly able to generate sunlight and warmth as his dad is the god of summer. Nerfed. I mean, he can use a flashlight like a normal dude,

MINOR: Geokinesis, of some vague limited sort. He literally collapses an underground ceiling to let in sunlight, one time. Likely this is only related to letting in sunlight. Nerfed.

PASSIVE: Temperature insensitive. As Frey is all about balance, including in weather, Magnus has an insensitivity to harsh heat or harsh cold. He's able to hold a lit match under his palm, and sleep outside in a Boston winter. He is not, however, able to withstand molten metal to the gut. In game this is brought down to normal range, where he isn't as affected by heat or cold but should definitely not try to walk through fire or sleep in a snowbank.

MINOR: Portal manipulation. As his world involved the Nine Worlds, there's a lot of jumping through magic portals and Magnus has the ability to sense which one is the one he wants without knowing where they lead. He's also capable of opening portals, with Jack the sword at least, and dispelling them. Nerfed.

MINOR: Telepathy... sort of? This is another "he did this once in the second book, and I have no idea why" power like geokinesis. He was capable of reading the minds of fish in an emptied pond to find a dwarf masquerading as a fish. Nerfed.

PASSIVE: As an Einherji (dead viking warrior) Magnus gets a few cool perks: enhanced strength, enhanced agility, and immortality. The first two are self-explanatory (he can jump off buildings and rip up street lamps), but the third is only within Hotel Valhalla. He gets killed there, he wakes up in his hotel room. He gets killed anywhere else, he's extra dead whoops. And doesn't age. In game Magnus' strength and agility are a part of the nanotech that gives him his healing power, as a part of a physical endurance upgrade.

SKILL: Thanks to his outdoorsy mom, Magnus has a lot of practice in wilderness survival.

SKILL: He knows ASL-- Alf Sign Language, which is either the same or nothing like American Sign Language, uh.

A few things are apparent when meeting Magnus Chase. Firstly, that 90% of what he says is sass. Just sass, sarcasm, acrid snark. Secondly, that there's a level of bitterness in that sass sometimes. He was homeless for two years after his mother was killed, he has a right to be a bit sour. Thirdly, just let this boy have his falafel and maybe a nap.

Due to the combination of being a teenage boy street urchin and being in a Rick Riordan series, Magnus has a strong level of sarcasm. Unlike some protagonists, though, his is backed with some sour angst that is pretty easy to see through. And, well, he just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. It rarely matters how serious a conversation is, or what's happening-- if Magnus is opening his mouth, 9 times out of 10 it's with a snappy comeback. There are only a few cases during Sword of Summer where Magnus loses his will to snark (his "bravado" as Hel called it when he couldn't even manage a joke about her name) and those are when things are either at their most dire, or when he knows it'll get him killed. Again.

Living on the streets for two years, it's no surprise that Magnus has a thieving streak. He does have a moral code akin to Robin Hood in this, however. He only stole from "obnoxious jerks who have too much already". In his own words, "If you can afford five thousand dollars to blow your nose, you can afford to buy me dinner". Magnus is clearly not a fan of the wealthy, or at least judges them worthy of taking from. This is despite the fact that his mother's family was wealthy, and they lived nearby the family mansion, but Natalie Chase did not raise a rich boy in any way. Magnus is a very stark, basic boy. His favorite colors are beige and black, and he can't sleep in a room with clutter. Even when he finds himself in opulence in Hotel Valhalla he finds the bed "too soft" and ends up falling asleep in the grass of his living room. (Yeah, he has grass and trees and an open sky in his hotel room. Hotel Valhalla sure is a Thing.) This comes both from being raised by his outdoorsy, simplistic mother and living on the bare streets of Boston. He even finds his own funeral distasteful (well, the pre-funeral when he. had to search his dead body for a sword....) having wanted to simply be cremated, which is what his mother wanted as well.

Magnus is very chill, while also having no chill. He's very calm-- or good at pretending he's calm when he's terrified, at least. He's the type of person who doesn't take shit from anyone. Or let people take his literal shit. "First rule of the streets: never let a bully take your stuff", as he pointed out when up against the head fire giant Surt (or "Satan's fashion consultant" as Magnus called him) for the first time. He is the type to, when first exposed to the absurdity of fiery monsters who can melt cars, flip the bad guy off and say things like "You're starting to aggravate me. I have to kill you now." For the son of a more peaceful deity, and having basically no fighting ability, Magnus really is type of aggravating protagonist who picks a fight with things much bigger and scarier than he is. Somehow yelling "yo!" at giants who want to kill you just doesn't seem like a great idea, but by pure sass and drive to not die more, Magnus pulls these feats off.

Apparently being homeless adjusts one to an extreme level of weird shit. Even for a character in a series full of weird things, Magnus has a high tolerance for what is weird and what is what the fuck weird. He accepts a "well-dressed Satanic male model who could melt cars" with ease. He decides that the goddess Ran and her net of junk and souls is just another bag lady. He goes through 16 years of life not questioning why he can sleep outside in a Boston winter without freezing, and hold matches under his hand without getting burned. He's not immune to weird, of course, and learning more about Norse myths certainly gives him enough material to be properly disturbed by. When first arriving in the courtyard of Hotel Valhalla, for example, he decides he's done with Boston and hitchhiking to Guatemala. Shocking, he doesn't actually do this.

After his mother's death from Loki's wolves (fuck. wolves. oh my gods.) Magnus became a homeless high-school drop-out living on the streets of Boston. He went from a kid with a single mother who took him on camping trips, who told him he was smart enough to go to Harvard someday, to a kid fishing food out of trashcans. Part of this was Magnus' choice. He had a wealthy uncle just down the street, but because his mother told him to never go to Uncle Randolph, he didn't. (Which was actually a good thing, since Uncle Randolph is uh. Everything he is.)_ He became the kind of streetkid unable to accept help from anyone offering it, whether it was genuine or not-- not even from his cousin Annabeth, though that was in part because he didn't think he could explain all the weirdness of his life to her. He could barely accept the help of his two closest friends-- a pair of bums who people liked to joke were Magnus' mom and dad, and who later turned out to be a dwarf and an elf working for a severed head who ran casinos yeah life is weird. As Magnus pointed out, "nothing activated the flight instincts of a homeless kid faster than hearing" someone say I know a place where you'll be safe. And while Magnus doesn't always have the greatest flight tendencies (let's piCK A FIGHT WITH GIANTS) he does when it comes to his people skills. In fact, a lot of hios problems in Sword of Summer could have been avoided if he'd just approached his cousin and non-rich jackass uncle in the first pages of the book. Good job, Magnus.

Magnus, tragically, suffers from teen angst. Or rather, justified angst since his mother died protecting him and then he lived two years mostly alone on the streets, a nobody thief who once broke a homeless shelter's radio for playing too much Christmas music (you're welcome, ok). It's clear through most of the book that he feels some measure of guilt for his mother's death, even noting that his funeral being everything he didn't want was fitting since he hadn't been able to fulfill his mother's wishes for after-death either. He doesn't feel worthy of Valhalla, and then he's offended that this place just swooped him up and gave him muscles (no, literally, he gets upset they messed with his body and punches through a wall). And, of course, is offended that he's not in the same afterlife as his mother (though when Hel offers him a deal that would give him this, he's smart enough to tell her to get wrecked). There's a cynical bitterness to Magnus Chase not found in the other demigod protagonists.

Magnus' social skills are what you'd expect from a street-wise homeless kid. For the most part, he's a stand-offish observer mostly offering quips in lieu of real information about himself. But he also knows how to be charming when he wants to, a skill only witnessed when it comes to getting free food from the food court. Specifically, free falafel. He knows how to be well-behaved, he just tends to be a snarkmaster general instead. He's not the most talkative kid-- sure, he throws a lot of barbs and quips this way and that, but he rarely really says anything. It takes some work for him to trust, to genuinely consider people his friends. But while he's not the most chatty, outgoing of kids, he is a loyal friend once you've got him. Even before he seems to consider Sam a friend, he's fine with letting Gunilla be eaten for getting Sam kicked out of the Valkyries, then only makes a half-hearted effort at preventing it at Sam's prodding. He later tells Sam, Hearth, and Blitz (his Valkyrie, deaf elf, and fashionable dwarf) that they're a family-- that they're all "empty cups", the rune Hearthstone identifies due to being treated like trash as a kid (something that made Magnus want to hug him and bake him cookies, not exactly things Magnus is known for). He even feels bad for not giving Jack the sword enough attention and credit, since his father gave the sword away so easily, giving the sword trust issues as well. Yes, this is a world where a sword has trust issues.

His occasional abilities in shutting up and knowing how to be not-a-jackass sometimes tie into just how smart Magnus Chase is. Like the rest of the Chase family seems to be, Magnus is an intelligent kid. He's strategic and quick-thinking, making up for his lack of battle prowess. He's also a huge nerd, noting that he liked to watch Doctor Who on public computers and enjoys reading genre fiction. Before dropping out of school, he supposedly had grades good enough that his mom thought he was smarter than either of his uncles (who are both. uber nerds. this family is all nerds.) and could go to Harvard someday. And while an eternity of earning doctorates like his hallmate Halfborn sounds like way too much, Magnus claims to have spent a lot of time at the public library reading.

AU History:
brainstorming meme!

- Magnus Chase was one of many Chase children, born on Leith to a family of merchants and scholars. He and his older sister Annabeth received decent educations, in the plans that they'd be a part of the family business later on, if there was room. Magnus planned to become a medicine dealer, however, so his education started tailoring in that direction.
- However, as there were Too Many Chase Children, his sister Annabeth was slated to become a Leithan Surrogate for Qreshi rich folk. When Annabeth took it poorly and ran away from home, Magnus casually packed his things and left as well, far less dramatically. (And at least he didn't have to run away because his mom died, as in canon, so, yay,)
- Thankfully while his older sister joined the RAC, she didn't become a Killjoy because Magnus was mostly sure that was a Bad Idea.
- As he was only 14, he couldn't exactly say he was a doctor and not be thrown out on his ass (though he tried it, anyway,). Wanting to be near his sister without being a burden her, he continued trying to hone up his medical expertise and there was the general consent from the RAC that he could become a certified medic if he had something to bring to the table. A shady deal or two, and a wild idea later Magnus found himself implanted with nanotechnology that would allow him to heal people, but drain off his own life force. He also opted for the upgrade of physical endurance, since he'd be a shoddy healer if he could only do a bit before passing out. May as well be effective!
- With all that he was a RAC medic-in training, and then finally now a RAC fully certified medic. For the past several years, he and his sister operate as a broker-medic team with their own ship Pallas. Get patched up and information for your warrants in the same place, yay! They operate between Westerley and RAC HQ with their ship, and are fairly easy for Killjoys to find if needed.
- While most of his patients are from the RAC, of course, Magnus has a habit of being willing to help whoever comes to him... whether they can pay or not.

CRAU: None!

Original History: Here! A brief summary would be: he lived a nice life until his mom died, then he died brutally on his sixteenth birthday.

► 1 sword. Canonly, Sumarbrander or "Jack" is a sentient, talking, autonomous sword that is sassy and said to be the sharpest sword in the Nine Worlds. Whatever task he preforms, however, will be felt by the user when they pick him up again (such as if Jack slays a hundred foes and then flies back to Magnus' hand, Magnus is down for the count). Magnus often wears him as a pendant shaped like a runestone. He also flies around. In game, Jack is now a programmable matter sword with a not sentient, but sassy AI within. It is only sassy when in sword-form rather than as a white runestone magnetically attached to a chain around Magnus' neck, and has no ability to move on it's own. It is possibly stupid to use a sword in space, but Magnus figures he does more medic'ing than fighting anyway.
► clothes. He likely would have been wearing a green Hotel Valhalla t-shirt, which has probably been tossed by now.

Samples: TDM with Annabeth, and from another game.
And next time, maybe avoid getting knifed. Just a thought. [ magnus finished cauterizing the long, but shallow wound on the man's arm. he could have healed it so it leave even a mark, but magnus had learned to discern which wounds needed healing and which could be fine with medicine or a useful gadget. particularly when caring for a patient in the middle of a westerley bar, where some people might be more than interested in a medic with nanotech like that.

the killjoy, whose name magnus had already forgotten, shuffled off with a muttering that sure, yeah, he'd avoid warrants attacking him, super easy. with that taken care of, he started to repack his travel kit of medical supplies. he was pretty sure he was supposed to meet his sister back at their ship an hour ago, so there was a fifty/fifty chance he'd be the one in need of medical attention when he finally did make it there.

then the downside to doing a medic-run in a seedy westerley bar walked in: a shitty person who liked ruining people's days, specifically his. this shitty person, to be exact, was someone running from the company guns. with a knife in hand. presumably because they were stupid.

magnus watched as they grabbed the most well-dressed patron of the bar within reach (which was, thankfully, not magnus who blended in with the westerlyns better than one would expect) and held that knife to their throat. the fellow seemed to think the company would care if he had a hostage, which was rather unfortunate for all involved. aaand now the killjoy magnus had patched up seemed to this was a great warrant to take on, since he was already here. gee, a great idea. he pulled a gun on the knife-having hostage-taker and magnus whispered an Oh, shit to himself.

this was going to go poorly. magnus hurriedly shoved his supplies away in a disorderly fashion, much to his dismay, and hopped up onto the bar. he dropped behind it just before all hell broke loose. the company must have been royally pissed, given that they'd slapped a warrant on the guy and were still bursting through the doors with guns blazing. there was shouting, yelling, calls for order and surrender, and then blasts of guns. he was really regretting not heading for port long before now. he could have been safely aboard the pallas with his sister instead of in the midst of a bar shoot-out.

someone from the company tumbled over the bar into magnus' hiding spot, but with a wide space away from magnus. the man was clutching a neckwound that appeared to be bleeding profusely. the smart thing for magnus to do would be to stay put, and let the man bleed out. magnus rarely did the smart thing.

he found himself at the man's side without really thinking. the man pointed the gun clutched in his other hand at magnus wildly. magnus easily took it from him, tossing it aside. ]
Hey, haven't you ever heard the phrase "don't shoot the medic"?

[ the wound was bad. magnus supposed if he was going to make one poor decision, he may as well make two. he pressed one hand on it, focusing on the wound. it just needed to be closed, the bleeding stopped. anything else was not his job, this was just him being courteous. even though the energy to close a wound like this would nearly knock himself out. he hoped random company guy appreciated it, at least. and that his sister wouldn't yell at him for it later. ]

Miscellaneous Notes: As Magnus is a book character, his PB is Austin Butler!